As a participant of this Intentional Health Course, I fully understand that:

1) My participation in the Intentional Health Online Course is entirely voluntary.

2) Any advice, suggestions or guidance provided as part of the Programme is not specialist advice and I am solely responsible for any actions I take as a consequence. 

3) If I am in any doubt I understand it is my responsibility to go to my GP for further advice.

By checking this box you are agreeing to the terms above. 

However the terms below are optional. If you would prefer not to agree to  any or all of these additional terms. you will still need to click the box above, but should inform as to which terms you would like to opt out of.

We will reply to any requests to confirm acknowledgement, but please call 01208 815123 if you have not heard and want to confirm that we have received the updates to your preferences as to these terms.

4) Research Consent: I agree to let the information I give to Intentional Health be used for research purposes. I understand if this were to happen my data would be stored securely, be used for research purposes only and if results from this research were to be published my anonymity would be preserved. If at a later date I wanted, I could ask for my data to not be used in research without any prejudice or disadvantage.

5) Photo & Video Consent: I agree to any photographs or video footage or my story be used internally and publicly shared, including via social media, to promote Intentional Health Programmes.

6) Use of Feedback Consent:  I agree that any feedback I give can be used to inform and promote future Programmes. 

7) Data privacy consent: I give consent for my personal information to be handled in accordance with Intentional Health’s Data Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be supplied to me on request. (If no, please do not complete any other questionnaires).

8 ) Progress email consent : By providing my email address, I give my consent for Intentional Health HQ to contact me to give me feedback as to my ongoing progress from data collected before and after the Programme.